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Stereoscopic (3-D) Pictures

South Dartmoor in 3-D

3D YouTube Videos

Viewable using the Parallel Viewing method

Compiled by Martin J. Powell

I originally compiled a list of 3D YouTube videos in July 2009. At the time, 3D was only just starting to appear on YouTube and there were not a great number of them to see. In less than a couple of short years, the number of 3D videos has risen significantly, thanks in large part to the increased popularity of 3D films and the wider availability of 3D televisions and gaming consoles.

Having watched many dozens of online videos I have now expanded and revised the list with what I believe to be amongst the best 3D videos currently viewable. Specifically, I have chosen videos which portray good depth, are mostly of high visual quality (many in High Definition) and which vary greatly in content. I have placed each video into a category; this is clearly a subjective process and inevitably there are some videos which could easily be categorised elsewhere (e.g. CGI and Music). Within each category, the videos are listed in no particular order.

Alice is a CGI singing and dancing character created using the software MikuMikuDance and Vocaloid software (53 KB)Alice is a CGI singing and dancing character created using software for both the movement and vocals (click for full-size image, 53 KB). Here she is seen performing a Japanese song in stereoscopic 3D.


In July 2009 YouTube introduced a special tag which allowed 3D videos to be viewed using several different 3D viewing methods (as explained by YouTube's software engineer Peter Bradshaw). Whenever the video uploader includes the 'yt3d:enable=true' tag, a '3D' button appears at the lower right of the video. Clicking on this button causes a drop-down menu to appear, listing the varying viewing formats. If this tag is not included, the video is 'fixed' in the format in which it was uploaded and it cannot be changed by the viewer.

Whilst compiling this list I have come across a couple of technical issues when loading some YouTube videos. Firstly, some do not open in the correct aspect ratio (the picture appears stretched horizontally); this is because the video uploader did not apply the appropriate formatting tag (see more details here). This is unfortunate since I have excluded these videos from the list. Secondly, many 3D videos open in the cross-eyed viewing mode (which is not to everyone's taste) despite the fact that the video is listed in the drop-down menu as being in parallel. This can easily be changed by clicking on the '3D' button at the lower right of the video; when the drop-down menu opens, click on 'Swap (right-left)'.

Note that there are numerous videos on YouTube which have been converted from 2D to 3D using computer software (often with less-than-satisfactory results) and there are also many videos listed as being in 3D but which clearly are not.

This selection demonstrates the many creative ways in which 3D video is now being used, by professionals and amateurs alike. I will be revising this list periodically; if you have seen a particularly outstanding example, please and I will consider adding it to the list in a future revision.

(To learn how to view the videos in 3D, refer to my webpage Stereoscopic Pictures (and how to view them).

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Gaming & Simulation




Trains & Railways






Takayama Autumn Festival Floats Parade (3:19)

3D Motion Tokyo (Tokyo from the Air) (3:02)

Kyoto Higashiyama Flower Lantern Festival (5:46)

Coastal Aquarium, Kasai (1:07)


Avatar (3:16)

Alice in Wonderland (2:30)

Jaws 3-D (1:53)

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (2:09)

The Chronicles of Narnia (2:05)

Toy Story 3 (2:09)

Shrek Forever (1:10)

Despicable Me (2:26)

Astro Boy (2:25)

Garfield's Pet Force (1:33)

BOLT (2:16)

Snowball (1:10)

Rio (2:24)

Tangled (1:51)

How To Train Your Dragon (2:03)

Step Up (0:30)

Street Dance (2:01)

Parasite (2:17)

Friday the 13th Part III (0:50)

My Bloody Valentine (2:23)

Dial M for Murder (3:02)

The French Line (2:23)

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Ducks on icy trail in Shubie Park, Dartmouth (0:47)

Ducks squabling and swimming (0:34)

Dinosaurs Alive (1:20)

The Magical World of Insects (8:17)

Slow-motion Dragonfly & Butterflies (1:32)

Biodiversity in the Lavasa Valley, India

(3D documentary) (6:30)

Big bird in slow-motion (0:21)


Nostalogic: Pt 1 (2:36) / Pt 2 (4:53)

Fighting Falcon (F-16) (5:25) / Under The Sea (6:00)

Rollercoasters: Nosuri (1:45) / Fuarukee (1:55)

Jaws Unleashed (Jaws vs Shamu) (8:27)

The Audio-Taeuber: Life Energy (3:56)

Take the One that Cares (3:45)

14 Karat (1:24)

Double 15 Dominoes (1:00)

Chicobanana (0:30)


Avatar (7:46)

Damnation (3:21)

Tomb Raider Anniversary (9:12)

World of Warcraft (3:06)

Streetfighter IV (7:31)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2:44)

Spider-Man Web of Shadows (0:41) / Ultimate Spider-Man (1:02)

F.E.A.R. 2 (3:04)

Ninja Blade (3:21) / Prince of Persia (2:21) / Assassin's Creed (6:24)

Resident Evil 4 (2:38) / RE 5 (0:25)

Far Cry 2 (6:08) / Crysis (2:23) / Call Of Duty: Black Ops (7:28)

MotorStorm Pacific Rift (1:08) / Need for Speed (3:28) / Race Driver Grid (1:22) /  Toca Race Driver 3 (3:00)

MotoGP 08 (3:35)

WipeOut (0:45)

IL-2 Sturmovik (3:51)

Flight Simulator X: Cockpits, etc (4:47) /  Turkish Airlines B777 Take-off (1:35) /  Landing at Innsbruck (2:11)

RailWorks Simulator (2:55)

PRE-Flight RC Simulator (3:38)

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The Quest for the Scepter (1:54)

The Snowman (1:19)

Hypercube (0:31)

What Is It? (1:35)

XenoDream fractal stereogram (2:21)

Illusion (Slideshow) (2:58)


Grand Canyon Adventure (1:41)

Hang Glider over Hawaii (2:47)

Norway and the Northern Lights (4:47)

Planet Earth (with 2D comparison) (5:19)

The Colors of Autumn (Springfield, Missouri) (2:59)

Fremont (Seattle) Scenes (3:05)

Californian Forests (Slideshow) (6:19)

Sites of Korea (9:50)

Durham University Botanical Gardens (2:40)

Streetparade Zürich, August 2010 (4:40)

Kanchanaburi Bridge over the River Kwai, Thailand (1:38)

Pre-Parade Float Viewing for the 2011 Rose Parade, Pasadena, CA (3:04)


Ocean Circus (3:28)

Wild Ocean (IMAX film) (1:37)

Water World (CGI Simulation) (3:19)

Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure (1:47)


Railways (simulated Viewmaster reel) (2:06)

Inside Dubai Metro (4:58)

London Underground Central Line (6:25)


Quail Chick Eye interior (MRI) (0:07)

Mouse Embryo (0:23)


Madison Square Gardens NHL (1:51)

FIFA World Cup 2010 (2:12)

Soccer (Manchester Utd vs Wigan Athletic) (2:59)

Golf: Masters Tournament 2010 (7:30)

Motocross (1:36)

Rugby, 2010 (NSW vs Queensland) (5:56)

NBA Basketball (LA Lakers vs Boston Celtics) (0:27)

Drag Racing (1:06)

KiteSurf (1:14)

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Queen: Innuendo (Unofficial Video) (6:40)

The Chemical Brothers: Star Guitar (Unofficial Video) (4:00)

Zingo: Magnetic Current (Unofficial Video) (3:58)

Magic Arm: Getting the Way (5:35)

Solar Powered People: Washing Out (1:41)

The Raw I's: Gloria (The death of me) (5:45)

Peter Fox: Der Letzte Tag (Unofficial Video) (2:10)

TRON GIRL (2:12)

Dapper Dan's Barbershop Quartet of Main Street, USA (2:04)

Dance Group: Chico Burner, Maki, Stephen Hues & Ami (3:13)

Avant-arts performance, 2000: Part 1 (9:17)

3ality Digital MaxQ (4:33)

Essentia: Suicide in Chinatown (3:24)

The Black Stymphalian (5:14)

Girls' Generation: Genie (3:41)

Kara: We're With You (2:39)

Joel Cathey: Cover What You Can (2:25)

Duke: Christmas Time Is Here (2:21)

Yussuf Jerusalem, Bordeaux, 2010 (3:02)

Lazy Guns Brisky, Bordeaux, 2010 (3:31)

Crâne Angels, Bordeaux, 2010 (3:42)

Movie Star Junkies, Bordeaux, 2010 (6:36)

Decheman & The Gardener, Bordeaux, 2010 (4:09)

Black Diamond Heavies, Mantes-La-Jolie, 2009 (5:03)

Michael Jackson: This Is It (Thriller) (0:57) / Earthsong Backdrop (5:41)


Race Boat (onboard) (3:09)

Circus Acrobats (4:11)

The Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car (2:02)

Dancing Dimensions (Belly Dancing Tutorial) (5:28)

Pin-Up Girls (Slideshow) (2:07)

High-Speed 3D Test (1:52)

Night Space Shuttle launch (2:39)

Fairytale Hagoromo! (Japanese) (3:41)

Daumen Kinosaurier (German) (1:13)

Clouds (Japan) (1:52)

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